Interview at your own time

No need to set up an appointment for the first interview. Send the questions you want to ask, set a deadline, sit back and watch the submitted interviews at your own time! Filter those you call into your office for interviews and save time!

Find the right people, find them here

We give more options in scouting people. Get applicants from your posting or browse through the Hive Listings members and invite from there! No need to wait for applicants to come to you. You can also choose from the type of employment status you need from full-time or part time employees.

Track your progress

We make it easy for you to check where you are on your talent scouting. By making all the information you need available at one glance, it’s a breeze for you to know exactly where you left off, the timelines you’ve set as well as the interactions on your page! This way, we also make sure that everything you need is easily accomplished at the least amount of time.

Great Packages

Pay for what you need. We give you options that will suit the requirements of your company with all the Hive Listings features included. We only charge you for the job campaigns and we throw in a number of online interviews you can do in the package!

Packages that suit your need!

Choose among packages below that fit your company’s hiring needs! Payment is also made easy by allowing you to purchase your package online. This also makes it quicker for you to start using your posting credits and find the right people faster!


Php 0

2 job campaigns

Valid for 2 months

1 user account

StarterPlan A

Php 3,500

8 job campaigns

Valid for 2 months

1 user account

ProPlan B

Php 8,000

20 job campaigns

Valid for 2 months

1 user account

EnterprisePlan C

Php 13,000

100 job campaigns

Valid for 2 months

1 user account