How Hive Works:Jobseeker
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Create Account
All candidates need to create an account on the Hive Listings site.
Email confirmation
After registering, they will receive an email notification on their successful registration
Edit Resume and Profile
Applicant can edit their resume and information as and when they like
Search for Jobs
They can now choose and apply from the list of job openings available on the site.
Apply for Jobs
Applicants may submit their resume as well as indicate the job they are looking for if this particular position is not part of the job openings list.
Share with friends
Sharing job openings and the website itself on their personal social media accounts
Get Notifications
If they have applied for a job they will receive an email notification that they have successfully applied for this position and that they will be notified should they be selected for a video interview.
Video interview
Applicants who are chosen for the video interview are required to download the app (the link to be sent to applicants individually) to be able to access the questions as well as record.
Those who will not comply will be disqualified
Applicants will be reminded to update their profile every 6 months.