Privacy Policy

Hive Listings respects the privacy of the personal information and data of its users and will ensure compliance by its staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality in respect of all personal information and data submitted by users (job seekers and employers alike) via the Hive Listings website will not, subject to the terms herein, release such information to anyone without the prior consent of the relevant user(s) of the Site (whether registered or not) (“User(s)“).

Hive Listings portal as defined as the website used to collect data used to sourcing talents for employers shall be referred to as in this document as “Site

Advertisers on the site who are client of Hive Listings who use the portal in search of talents for their company or the company/ues they represent shall be referred to as ‘Employers’

Interview-Spot is a third-party supplier partnered with Hive Listings to duly provide the video-interview feature of the whole project. The group will be referre to in this document as “Interview-spot”

By registering for or using the services of the website, or by clicking the ‘Sign up’ button, User:

  1. consent to Hive Listings on collecting, using, disclosing and/or processing User’s personal data for the purposes as described below;
  2. consent to Hive Lisitngs disclosing Users’ personal data to third party service providers or agents (whether within or outside the Philippinews) for the purposes as described below.

By using the Site you consent to the collection and use of information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

In the course of using the Site, Users may disclose or be asked to provide personal information and/or data. In order to have the benefit of and enjoy various services offered by the Site, it may be necessary for Users to provide Hive Listings with their personal information and/or data. We may also extract relevant personal information from other data that you provide, for example, from your CV. Although Users are not obliged to provide the information and/or data as requested on the Site, Hive Listings will not be able to render certain services on the Site in the event that Users fail to do so.

  1. For services available to users
  2. On assisting employers find possible talents, and vice versa as we aim only to get suitable candidates per job requirement.
  3. To be able to disseminate information that are relevant to users such as job vacancies and other notices, as well as to accommodate inquiries and complaints.
  4. To identify users of the site and their corresponding behavior that may be relevant either to the users as well as for Hive Listings management.
  5. To ensure more efficient advertising materials that are targeted to the preferences of each user.

As Hive Listings is a job-seeking site, we strictly require all registrants to be at least 18 years of age or within the age range allowable by law to join the work force. Before submitting a user’s personal information, the site will request permission by asking if you agree with the site’s terms and conditions as well as its privacy policies.

Contact and other details supplied by user as part of the registration process are stored by Hive Listings and used to provide site’s users with the information requested. Please note that although Hive Listings require customers the use of its services, such as employers seeking to recruit staff, to agree to use the information made available solely for recruitment-related purposes, Hive Listings do not control their use of any information that they have access to as part of receiving the site’s services.

IP Address

We routinely capture the IP address information to determine users’ location. An IP address, or 'internet protocol address', is a unique identifying number given to every device connected to the internet. An IP address is a special serial number used for identification. This is used to deetermine the location of our users to ensure that we are targeting the right audience, as well as improve communication and targeted iring based on the location of a group of users.

Disclosure or Transfer of Data

Hive Listings, ensures privacy of all data that are supplied the users. However, disclosure of such data is necessary as part of its service to employers that are searching for talents. Information will only be shared to fulfill a requirement with the consent of the user upon registration to the site. Other disclosure of information will be under sample circumstances:

  1. Third party suppliers engaged by Hive Listings under strict confidentiality of the data.
  2. Where Hive Lisitngs will need to defend its rights and property.
  3. Should Hive Listings need to comply with the law or upon request of a court order.
  4. Under circumstances that will deliver better services and user experience to the users.
  5. Under circumstances that will ensure the maintainance or improvements of the site.

Personal data collected via the Site may be transferred, stored and processed in any country in which Hive Listings operates. By using the Site, Users are deemed to have agreed to, consented to and authorized Hive Listings to disclose and/or transfer their personal information and data under the circumstances stated above, as well as to any transfer of information (including the Information) outside of the Users’ country.

Online Applications

Making an online application to a job advertisement on the Site is a free and optional service that requires users to share their given information to employers who have psoted the job requirement. When a user applies for a job advertisement on the Site applications, including attachments and cover letters, are:

  • forwarded directly on to the Advertiser and/or its nominated representative; and/or
  • stored in Hive Lisitings on behalf of the Advertiser.

By applying to a position advertised on the Site you are requesting that Hive Listings pass the information you provide to the relevant employer and/or their nominated representative. Any questions you have relating to a position advertised on the site, your online application and/or the status of your application should be directed directly to the employer, not Hive Listings.

Any Personal Information retained by Hive Listings as part of your application will only be used in accord with this Privacy Statement. The use of your information (personal or otherwise) by employers is not within the control of Hive Listings and if you have any questions about how an employer uses your personal information or want to request access to any personal information that you have sent as part of an application or that has been provided to them as part of a Hive Listings Profile, you have the right to contact that employer directly.

Retention of Personal Data

All data gathered by Hive Listings will be manintained securely in its internal system. Registered users will have an option to terminate their membership via the portal. Hive Listings will stor his/her data even after the accunt had been terminated soley for data keeping purposes or for resolving disputes.

Storage of Data

Interview-Spot/Hive Listings will store all Video Interviews for 6 months from the time the Video Interview Recording was created.

Beyond the 6 months from the time of the Virtual Interview Recording, Interview-Spot/Hive Listings will automatically archive the recordings into the client’s allocated virtual storage space.

Allocated storage space for archived videos are valid for 12 months from the activation date of the client’s selected and agreed upon package. Unless otherwise stated, beyond the assigned 12 month period, a client can choose to continue their archive media storage with Interview-Spot/Hive Listings at an agreed upon storage package price.

If the Client is found to have insufficient storage space for archival, Interview-Spot will delete the oldest Virtual Interview Recording in the client’s database to make room for the latest Video Interview Video to be archived.


Hive Listings takes the security of personal information very seriously and have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place. The site is protected against unauthorised access using the latest security devices and 'firewalls', as well as under the practice of the up-to-date bast practices in securing data.

Hive Listings reserves the right to change, modify or amed the contents of this Privacy Policy document as it deems necessary to without any notice to its viewers and users. It is advisable to constantly check the contents of this document as well as other files available in the site.