How Hive Works:Advertisers
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Log on or create an account
depending on your need: Employer or Candidate
Choose your package!
Spend only what you need. Hive Listings allows you to pick from our packages to suit your companies’ hiring needs!
Edit resume and profile
Candidates can register and submit their resume.
Candidates can also edit their resume and information as and when they like.
Create job campaign
Create your job postings yourself for faster turnaround. The number of postings you can do depends on the package you chose. Exceeding your package? No worries! We can bill you separately for the excess usage.
Apply for a job
Candidates can also choose from the list of job requirements published on the site and apply directly from their account.
Select candidates
Hive Listings will pre-select the candidate with its current databank as well as applicants and send a link to download the interview app to those who will be selected for a job opening.
Video Interview
Candidates will receive an email confirmation upon the completion of their video interview.
Approve Candidates
Employers will then receive an email with a link leading them to the video interviews. They can then approve or disapprove the talents, omment, or/and share the video to their boss for approval.
Automatic notification
The candidates will be notified if they are selected for another round of interview or if they have not been selected for this round of hiring.